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Can't find the SOS cd in the us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's the same in Canada... very few music stores have singles. But I've been checking in with HMV ... and so many people have been asking for it, that they're ordering it in as an import.


So go ask for it more!! Maybe the dumb music stores will get the hint and realize that if people can't buy the singles in their stores, people will go somewhere else to spend money... ;)

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^ me too however, I just read on the Coldplay q&a that its not being released here... but you can purchase it as an import. I did notice that the Capitol Records logo wasnt on my copy.. only the Parlophone logo.. but I didnt pay 'import price' :cool:



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I'm still bugging HMV every day to see if it's in yet...

They said that there are two versions comming in... and they're telling me that one of the singles has a live version... ??


I dunno.. but two different versions of SoS makes me happy :D

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yeah i went out today and couldn't find it. the only thing they told me was imports from japan which cost $14 bucks are there and then the imports from England are comming in a few days. WTF??? How bout america please geez! so I guess it will be plan b which is on the net somewhere or ebay!


or if someone wants to buy me one and mail it and I will paypal the $'s let me know!

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