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my name is Tim, i love Coldplay very much. I got hooked on those Brits when i saw "The Scientist" video on iTunes, and borrowed my friends copy of AROBTTH. INSTANTLY hooked, bought the album, and here I am. (The song is currently my 2nd favorite song of all time) I enjoy playing my acoustic guitar and piano, I can play "Politik", "the scientist", "clocks" on piano and "Yellow, "Don't Panic" on guitar. I'm learning more nowadays since my Coldplay fever heated up since I heard Fix You on SNL. So hey.


my favorite bands


1. U2

2. Coldplay

3. Beatles

4. Oasis

5. Foo Fighters

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all it takes to play music is lots of dedication and time. There was a time when I abandoned my piano for years because of sheer laziness, but thank gosh for Chris Martin, who singlehandedly restored my interest after I heard "The Scientist". I ordered the sheet music, and voila. Thanks Coldplay :lol:

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