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which simpson are you?

Matter-Eater Lad

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good luck...


I cant make up me mind about the Album yet.... I cant really compare it to the others as it seems unique in some ways. In others no different. The high standard that Coldplay set them selves has been well maintained.


I keep getting interupted when I want to listen to it.... ! However the distractions I have been getting have been good ! Oh yes :wink3:

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It was Ok ish... I am saving myself for the concert in Bolton on the 5th.... I am semi tempted to go to the 4th too.

I want to ask someone to come, she said she would think about it... however I am certain she is spoken for if not and she does come, its a certainity she will be affected by the coldplay love.... !


I dont think there is going to be any tickets left when I get paid at the end of the month though !

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I got my the minute they were put on sale... Well 5 minutes after the line had opened..... I thought they would see out in minutes. !


Did u listen to the Show at the KoKo club the other night... I was more in love with the tunes of old...

First time I heard ' Warning sign' played live. I was never a huge fan of this tune, as it reminded me of a girl whom I missed out on big time. However it now sounds like a athem !

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