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undefinedDoubtless...Rush Of Blood...comparing to the XY...it was far less commercial than XY is nowadays.Outnumbering commerciality....the songs and lirycs on this(Rush...) were the most beautiful I have ever heard...no questions about it.

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After listen number three, I was and still am convinced that X&Y is the only Coldplay album that thus far that time will(or, at least, should) vindicate as one of the great albums. There's greater variety here than on either of its predecessors, as well as a richer sound to it all. The string arrangements on, say the title track, feel more like a necessary part of the whole song rather than a pretty complement as it was on "In My Place" or "Everything's Not Lost". Strings add much to those songs, but I believe they could survive without, while "X&Y" without the string arrangement would seem to sap it of its soul.


It is a little commercial in that it has a more prominent 80s sound(especially on "Talk") that's been very hip recently, but it doesn't feel like a sellout by any means; just a few guys having fun with some sonic qualities that happens to be big right now.


Each track -- even the ones I'm not crazy about -- feels necessary on X&Y, while I can't say that about Parachutes or A Rush. I can't say that Parachutes would feel incomplete if they removed "High Speed" or Rush without "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face".


X&Y also sees a great leap in the band's musical ability; Jonny is playing some more interesting riffs that contain only a hint of the signature ound; they don't rely on it as they did before. Even Will's drumming seems sharper and more focused than before. I actually feel him to be the star of "Fix You" rather than Jonny. The bass also sees greater audibility here than some past songs -- it seemed a bit cloudy in Parachutes, but just listen to how clear it is on "Low".


With all these factors in mind, I think Coldplay's best is yet to come. It can really only improve from here.

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