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The new setlist...


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I really don't see why they don't change the setlist each night. Go out on tour with a list of 40 songs to choose from each night, and not just keep playing the same show over and over and over again.


And "A Whisper" is (in my opinion anyway) the best song off Rush Of Blood. :D

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I remember Debs saying once that they only make small changes to the setlist every now and then...because it's not just about the songs now, there's also lighting and staging and all that, so they have to keep it close to the same every night.

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I hope theres some change between nights at MSG. Im seeing them both nights there, and if its the same set, ill be angry.


And i still dont like yellow where it is. from what ive heard on the Koko gig, its alot more tuned down. i dont like that. i like the huge stadium anthem type performance they made of it. the light show with it kicked ass.



warning sign is a bit different that what ive heard. i like the piano ending like they did in houston.



the ending of the scientist where they do some reverse stuff is nice.

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Definitely...I really really hope they don't.... I didn't wait 3 years to hear them play 75 minutes :angry:


I'm happy I'm not the only one who's a bit confused!

Of cors I'm looking soooooooooo forward to see them :rolleyes: but I'm also scared I'll be disappointed cuz I'm not so in love with X&Y, but of cors, it's their new album, so it's usual that they play many new songs :cry: And only 75 mins on stage??

I wish I had been on a 2003 concert....but it didn't come to my mind to late - "oh Coldplay are great, I shud be a fan of them". Whatever - I'm still sure I'll like it! This July 9th could be the best day of the year!

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