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Coldplay - Headliners 10:50


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Hi everyone,


I'm not sure if anyone has posted on here who actually went to see it last night but i thought i mite just tell u about it from where i was (at the front) i got hit on the head by one the cameras that they threw out which was quite stupid....

My favourite part of their set had to be Yellow, i've never heard Chris sing it properly without thrusting his microphone into the crowd! it was fantastic. From where i was stood, Coldplay looked just fantastic, everything about the set was immaculate, the sound, the appearance and the organisation. At the front there was histeria and euphoria, atleast 4 people had to be carried over threw either exhaustion or generally feeling faint... And 10/10 for the fantastic cover of 'Can't get you out of my head' they could have easily made that into a joke (an inappropriate one at that...) I will upload some pics from where i was standing when i get the time.

Oh and the reason why i'm not at Glasto now is cos i gotta work this eve.... baaahhhhhhhhhh

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oh yeah...forgot to mention, someone spotted gwyneth backstage so we all started chanting 'gwyneth! gwyneth!' and she came to the front and gave us a nice wave! yey!!

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