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What's your job?


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student or employee?

where do you work/go to school?


now student, and this september i'll be at uni, to study english philology, finally for 5 years, and i'll keep studying english at eoi, because it gives me another degree so it'll be better to find a job later. when i'll end english philology may be i'll study journalism, just 2 years (is the best way in my city to study journalism).


but i want to try to apply to work as a civil servant in my city next year.. and when i'll end 3º english at eoi (also next year) i'll can work as a 'teacher' too.



so today seems life is good. :) well see tomorrow what will happen. :/

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student in high school.

long ways to go :P

oooohh jess how is it working at a daycare? sounds fun. i love kids.


It is GREAT. I love my job :)


that's awesome.

better then working at mcdonalds, or a grocery store which i'll probably end up doing as a part-time job :rolleyes:

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