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Glasgow 1st July 2005, a disgrace.


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Let me start by saying that Coldplay were beautiful on Friday night. We are veteran Coldplay fans at this stage, having seen them first nearly five years ago, and it was great to see the band enjoying themselves, with a great catalogue to choose from, and Chris Martin in particular, having grown into the role of frontman, comfortable and charming throughout.


But the crowd was an absolute disgrace. Some highlights from left of the soundboard:


* A guy was spitting flem & gum into girls' hair.

* Everyone was completely pissed, not 'drunk' or 'merry', totally fucked.

* A guy pissed himself and the back of some girl's legs.

* Three times we got covered in piss/beer being thrown.

*The amount of pushing and aggro was ridiculous.

*The amount of shit that security was taking for doing their jobs was unbelievable.

*Kids kicked over the mobile urinals.


To top it all the car was parked next to Ibrox, beneath two huge blocks of flats, from which residents were throwing bottles at the ground. The car park was covered in glass. Despite assurances from the staff there that the cars would be supervised, there was one guy on the gate when we returned, to look after thousands of cars.


I should add that I am not a Chris de Burgh fan, I've been to plenty of gigs & festivals and seen plenty of messing about, most of which was in good craic. I don't expect there to be no pushing and shoving, I even expect to get covered in beer.


But this Glasgow crowd was truly, truly fucking nasty, to the point where I didn't enjoy the gig and I was worried for my safety.


Granted that the gig was in a rough part of town, but this was a Coldplay concert, not Slipknot or the Chilis.


In ten days I've seen REM nearly walk off stage because of flying bottles, a scrap at U2 @ Hampden (which granted was otherwise OK) and this disaster of a gig at Bellahouston.


If these things happened at a football match there'd be war! Maybe Glasgow gigs, should, like the Old Firm games, be at lunchtime, to stop the fans getting too pissed up.


I'm Irish and I haven't lived in Scotland long (I'm not a Celtic fan!) & I was delighted with the line up of gigs this summer. But I'm really diappointed with the Glasgow crowds, they've been really shit, and I say that coming from a country where we like to have a drink (we're very good at it) & we enjoy a bit of mischief.


Someone from Glasgow, please reply and tell me that our experiences aren't the norm and that Glasgow gigs are usually a bit less rowdy. Otherwise never, ever again. Maybe Edinburgh is better...

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Have to say a lot of people were pissed but I never noticed any fights or aggro at the gig at all. Where I was the atmosphere was great with everyone having fun during the gig.

Nor did I see anything at Hampden for U2. I think you've been unlucky to have some bad experiences mate. Sorry about all the arseholes throwing bottles from the flats. Think I know where you mean and to be honest that doesn't surprise me at all.


Hope your next gig is a better experience :)

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I was at the gig last night and it wasn't much better. My friend and I were also covered in beer three times and there was lots of pushing and shoving going on. We'd waited at the gates since 3 o' clock and were lucky enough to get a position near the stage. As soon as Coldplay came on, two guys that were standing behind me shoved me out of the way. I tried shoving back, but they were a lot stronger than me. It was totally uncalled for because they were only one row behind me and must have been a good 5 or 6 inches taller - they could see perfectly well. Instead, they wanted to stand in front of me and obscure my view. Bastards. I told the guys as much, but they just shrugged their shoulders. Again, there were many drunks, but thankfully no one pissed themselves! :lol:

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Have to say a lot of people were pissed but I never noticed any fights or aggro at the gig at all. Where I was the atmosphere was great with everyone having fun during the gig.

Hope your next gig is a better experience :)



Agreed. :D


I have no complaints :cool:

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