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Parachutes, AROBTTH, or X&Y


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i can't get over the crappy x&y lyrics. nice new sound but overall they could stand to go for some more meaningful words to put to that sound. Case and point: Swallowed in the Sea. Beautiful musically, simple and memorable..yet the lyrics are laughable.


Rush of Blood combined a slightly smaller sound and not as electric as that of x&y with much better lyrics. Chris needs to realize that you don't need to dumb down lyrics to be relatable. The album highlights the best and worst of Coldplay for me, that being Politik- their masterpiece in my eyes and the best live track theyve made thus far, and a Whisper. Why?! why did you include this shitty song above B-Side gems like I Ran Away and See You Soon. Questionable...


Parachutes is stripped down to the bare melody of the songs, and it really works. Don't Panic is simply beautiful. Shiver brings a bit of energy to the album along with Yellow. And then there are trouble and We Never Change; they examplify the tight grasp that coldplay has on their ability to use musical structure and intimate melody to touch their fans' hearts. Simply Amazing songs.


I'd give the nod to Parachutes because i do not find a skippable song, Rush of Blood would have won if not for a whisper, and x&y...although making a better live show- disappointed from a lyrical standpoint.

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My favourite is definetly Parachutes : I absolutely love all the songs (including "Careful Where You Stand" and "For You"), and the general naive and hopeful atmosphere. "Don't Panic" is a wonderful first song, and the couple "Everything's Not Lost"/"Life Is For Living" closes wonderfully the LP with a message of hope and harmlessness.


I think A Rush Of Blood To The Head is the one I like the least, even though it's wonderful and includes my favourite Coldplay song "Amsterdam". I love "Politik", "The Scientist", "Green Eyes", and I like "In My Place", "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", "Warning Sign", but there are two songs that I can't listen to : "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face", and "A Whisper". I don't know why, I can't imagine how I could like them.


I quite like X & Y in general, and there are songs that I love on it (mainly "Square One", "Fix You", "X & Y", "Low" and "Twisted Logic"). I love the X-Side, but I think the Y-Side could've been better (I find "A Message" and "The Hardest Part" particularly boring). Anyway, X & Y has a wonderful feeling and is a great album.

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I love AROBTTH. Amsterdam is my favorite song of all time and the album is just completely brilliant. In my opinion the greatest album ever made.... well maybe with a couple of Pink Floyd albums close behind or tied... eh I don't know.


I haven't listened to Parachutes for kind of a while... but Parachutes and X&Y are freaking awesome too

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yep definitely AROBTTH. there's something about that album that separates it. every song is so completely different and beautiful and magical. that said i also adore Parachutes, and X&Y. i don't think they have a song i DON'T like.


but yes. Rush of Blood > Parachutes > X&Y

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