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Harry Potter 6


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they not opening to sell it at 12:01am?



only your bookshop is that crazy!! lol no I keed I keed!! Barnes and Nobles here is also open at 12:01am to sell it.. :P madness!!


I can't wait to get my hands on it though!! It should be in my mailbox tomorrow!! ;) :D

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^yes... and I have 4 flights on monday, hannover-frankfurt, frankfurt-dublin. it's horrible. but anyway, that's not the topic. *g*


I'm obsessed with harry potter. I've read the last book about 5 times now, so it's about time I get the new one. *g*

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Only 2 times? :rolleyes: :P

I read all the books in English and Dutch, and so many times that I knew them by heart.. (that was with the first 4 books, after that I had to wait so long for the 5th that I forgot it all again)

I was really boring a few years ago, I used to spend more hours reading than sleeping.. :/

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Well it would be more healthy, that's for sure :P

Just said that to show how much I read those days.. reading was like the number one priority in my life, even above sleeping.. you see? ;)

I was a very sad person :/

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