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Harry Potter 6


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Hehe, that picture makes Hemione look awful. :/


And, I read the book in 3 days (after work I left my cousin to read the newspaper repeatedly and watch crap TV for hours every night) and I almost cried at the end. My cousin was shaking me like "get a hold of yourself! it's not real!!!"

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I read all the hp's books and I liked them but I read the half blood price and well... I was expecting more... the book is good but I thought that the book would be great ...

and it's sad.... very sad... I almost cry...


and now I will have to wait until the book 7... this will be a loooong time

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i actually nearly cried as well, when i think i'll have to wait another 2 years at least! and i was expecting a return of serius from the dead... with the end of the book i'm twice as much disappointed ! why is it always my favourite characters who die ?? but still i enjoyed the book, read it iin two days.

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i finally finished i too... after reading all 6 books during about a month and a half

I really like the half blood prince b-coz it was really interesting all the way through, and u find out so much more. The end was realllly sad though, icouldn't believe it. He was my favorite character...

I realised that HP5, the order of the pheonix, is really bad. It's probably the least interesting of the bunch

i can't believe there's only one more book left :(

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i have a feeling ron or hermione will die... i really think ron will die i don't know why

actually, while i was reading the 6th i really had a strong feeling the dumbeldore would die, i don't know why, i was reading and while i was reading i was like "i think he'll die..." I knew someone might die because the last chapter is called "The White Tomb, and there's also a picture.

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I loved this book soooo much!!!!! It wasnt the best of the series, but it certainly wasnt the worst. I love ANSWERS. I read it in 1 day after the release. Hurray for me.


Anyways, I think Snape is good. And in the final battle Harry and Voldy both die.

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