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your instruments names

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I did it.... :embarrased: :lol:!


The first song I learned on my acoustic was Working Class Hero by John Lennon (3 easy chords, plus it's acoustic. I just sat there one night and taught myself the Am, G and D). So... Well, I christened my guitar "Lenny" :rolleyes: I don't CALL it that, it was more of a joke.


But sometimes.... Sitting alone in my room I will gaze at it fondly and say "Oh... Lenny..." (no, I'm kidding about that!)

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A while ago I was playing a show with a band I was in at the time, and I was struggling for some kind of stage banter to kill time while the other guitarist was changing a string, and I decided then to name my guitar "Petunia" and play some blues licks (you know, to parody the B.B. King thing). Some people got the joke and some people just thought I was a jackass, I think.


So I guess you could say my Tele is named Petunia. :P If that didn't kill enough time I was prepared to name my drum machine and synthesizer which were also onstage, but it didn't come to that.

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I have two guitars.. they,re named but for reference purposes because people get confused when i say hey pass me my guitar. :confused: But yeah again.. I dont think anyone really calls out their instruments name out loud. (thats just odd.)

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God I name everything.


My first guitar was named Gordie after the frontman for the Tragically Hip. I have no idea why I named it Gordie, other than the fact that I am a huge Hip fan.


My baby, my one and only joy, my lovah (my Guild :)) is named Gustav because thats who I was studying at the time when my parents surprised me with it (Gustav Klimt). That guitar is one of the most gorgeous sounding guitars I've ever heard. If anything ever happened to that guitar I'd probably die.


I've also named the guitar strap Alexei. No reason.


Hey, girls like to name shit. ;)

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i'd like to introduce you to: (from left to right: ) kufr, blackie, nameless (just got it this monday; will probably be named no-it's-not-a-guitar-either) and no-it's-not-a-guitar.


and i call my mum's car Maggie. (it's a renault mégane ;) )

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my violin's name is jacopo (pronounced ya-co-po as in count of monte cristo jacopo) and the bows name is pierre

piano = benoit (as in ben-wah)

acoustic guitar = maree

drum kit = each piece has a name: snare drum = samaire, crash cymbal = jacques, hi hat = claude, etc lmao theres too many

and i still have to name my electric guitar and electric violin

they all have french names. thats my rule with naming instruments.


i have issues. i know. :)

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