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Your Favorite song and why? On X&Y.....


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'White Shadows' or 'Talk' are my favourite songs of the album. Jonny's guitar riffs are beautiful on both songs, Guy's bassline is brilliant on White Shadows. I like everything about those songs. 'Fix You' is also one of the best songs of the album.

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What songs I'm getting sucked in right now are Fix You for its real beautiful chorus and its melody from begining to end. Swallowed in the Sea, I mean just the title alone is intriguing. But theres one song i keep tryin to get into but i just get turned off by would be X&Y i just can't listen to a song that in the last 2 minutes its just repetitive. [/u][/i]

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My favorite is "Swallowed in The Sea"


I was at the 8/20 Coldplay concert in Irvine, and when they played it, I think I knew what they meant.


The phrase "There's plenty of fish in the sea." All about the singles. Well, he doesn't want you to be swallowed "in the sea"...sea of fishes and being alone forever.


I dunno. That was my conclusion. I love the song alot though.



Fix You is a close second.

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