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yeah' date=' the best rapper their is![/quote']




TI is a piece. He flew in on the coattails of Southern crunk rap (which sucks), used the same damn quick, made in 5 minute beats that cheap rap uses most often, and wow, surprise surprise...he raps about GUNS, and BITCHES, and MONEY! a revelation.


in 5 years, TI will be broke and in rehab. or most likely in jail, cause he has already been. Here let me put this in perspective...Coldplay:TI::Good Music:a flaming bag of dog shit

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TI has some of the best skills' date=' in the sound of his music and his lyrics. are alot better then the average rapper. he's got a good style to him thats catching on and will help him be a big star for the coming years.[/quote']


the best skills? do you even know what "skills" are...with such a vague term a strong point can't be made, and especially for this topic, NO point can be made in his favor. TI sucks, and I bet if Pac, KRS, Biggie, or Jay were asked the same question, theyd likely say he is shit too.


He will fizzle out in no time, just like Nelly was a fad, TI is a fad. He's gonna be in that group of Nellys and Big Tymers in no time at all

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I dont know? TI has some of the best lyrics, style and his voice and rap style is one of the best out there. i bet jay and biggie would like his music. specialy jay z.


he'll be around for a long time, many more years to come, his style and skill are much appreciated by the now day rap scene. and its showing.

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