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*The Compalining About Men Thread*


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Indiepixie, the main problem of why my ex and I broke up was that we weren't apart enough and got very depended on each other and weren't independent enough. We needed to have our lives. So definitely get away from him (not break up, just space) before your relationship goes to hell.

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hehe...i'm not going to butt in too much on this thread i promise...i will only say this one thing, and then not even look at it again.

You GIRLS :P didn't manage to spell Complaining correctly :gorgeous:

I love girls and boys :blush:

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oh yeh, i agree with daner. he prob just feels awkward bout it so dont worry too much.


when my bro was going out with his now ex, she used to "sleepova" all the time. a couple of times she stayed until the next morning, but she usually went home really late at night.


Snuck out through the back door, huh? :P

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I wish there was a complaining about women thread...


Like..... they start to cry at the slightest bit of back chat.........


They have a excuse to be in angry mood once a month...


Its perfectly OK for them to where what they want in the office... however then men have to where at least a shirt and pants...


Its perfectly OK for them to have pics of men... in the work place... however if a man was to display it would be considered as wrong... !


Its OK for them to phone you whenever they wish...

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