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A New Jonny B-Day Thread!!!


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*prays that someone from this messageboard or coldplay.com m-board catches the cameras after sept 7*


If i remember correctly, i think i've only seen two sets of photos.


Since i don't want to risk it, i think i'll add in the card for one of the crew members, PA, or management to go on this site and post it.

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^lol...i love the break down of the big event....


Dame girlygirl i LOVE that pic of jonny...he looks fucking sexy in that picture and it shows you know i am right..


I think we all need to know where they will be having his birthday celebrations :wink3: :wink3: :wink3:

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^in life magazine he says he has 15 guitars and doesnt shop for any cause HOW MANY DOES ONE PERSON REALLY NEED.


Your going to have to think of something else :idea2:


Oh thinking about it you could get him one like dave grohls...the glass one thats a 'perty' guitar :guitarist:

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The next morning, after 0 hours of sleep and a little to much Jack Daniels and Vodka, Chris is dragged off the balcony (where he was screaming "I'M BONO AND I'M GONNA JUMP AND FLY") and taken to his radio interview...



No one bothered to take the crown off his head, because by this time he was absolutely convinced he was "The King of Rock 'n Roll" and referred to himself as Elvis on the program.

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Firthy, dont get mad> he would get REALLY impressed... im just trying to see if i or any of you can come up with a gift that he would love, plus the love of a woman(preferably me. just kidding, Jonny would be happy to have any of us, we all love him :embarrased: )

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