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A New Jonny B-Day Thread!!!


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That pick of guy is so hott!!! gotta love the stella!! And you ladies are cracking me up here! :lol:


Sienna Careful there love of a good women should be me!! You have guy remeber?!? :P ;)


Guy?**remebers, drools*** :wink3: :wink3: guy!

but this is a jonny thread.. wont he get jealous?

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^I'm going to do the same, and print a bunch of pictures and put those all over it and dance around the cake singing happy birthday to the pictures.... All by myself....


:embarrased: :cry:


Then my parents are going to bring me to the big white room again!! :(



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well, i sent jonny a birthday card tonight at the new york show..i gave it to one of the workers there. he said he'll go backstage to give it to someone who can give it to jonny, but there are no guarantees...hopefully jonny received it and follows through with my request!


Please jonny, please!

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^yeah, i hope he gets it....well, i can't tell everything i wrote...a bit personal. lol, no i'm kidding...i'll be embarrassed to tell.


But i signed it " From Coldplaying.com's favorite guitarist." i also wrote that we would be so grateful if the four of them could take a photo with the sign, 'we love coldplaying.com!"


On a slightly different note, i wanted to start a thread about what hotel they stayed at in new york. (but i don't want to appear crazy even though i am :lol: ) i am almost positive that they stayed at Mandarin Oriental(based on Miller's tour diaries)...if they actually stayed there, then my goodness, that hotel was my gut instinct! I wanted to even ask on this board if anyone would join me.


It's a good thing that i didn't try stalking b/c it wouldn't be a pretty picture. :lol:

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haha steph thats cool! that would be sweet if they did take a picture with that sign. Awww don't be embarassed! I am shocked you didn't check out the hotel. i know i would. heck i would check out all the hotels and bars in town! :lol: then ur bound to see them somewhere!

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