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Any Israeli coldplay fans on this site??

green eyes88

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we're going to do the whole seder stuff at mu aunt's tonight with the whole family, like every year

and ill see my cousin's twin boys :P They're 3 and blonde and sooooo cute :D


and maybe after ill go out with a few friends, though im pretty sure everything is closed tonight, but we might just drive out, see if anythings happening and if there's nothing to do we'll just celebrate at home


and tomorrow morning im going to tel aviv. My friend is doing the holiday in a hotel and we're gonna visit her, and kinda lehitnachel ezla :P lol

my parents are actually letting me drive all the way to tel aviv :stunned:

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ooo cool will

tell me later how much it hurt!


i dont really know

ive always wanted to get one of a rose on my leg... just because it sounds nice, however, i may think it's nice now but its sorta meaningless, and if i dont think it's nice later it'll just be a pic of a rose on my leg

so i wanna go for something that actually means something to me....


i always wanted to get one on my stomach, but they say since the belly stretched (during pregnancy and gaining weight) than the tattoo can lose it's shape


is that true- or is that just a rumor? :thinking:

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my brother got a tatto that says "Holy Sin" on his upper back :dozey:



and i asked him "what does that mean?" and he translated it to hebrew like i dont understand engish (idiot..) anyway, it has absoloutly no meaning and he said he got it because it's "cool"




now thats a tattoo u regret later on!

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