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40 Year Old Virgin


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Anyone find the Coldplay reference hillarious in this movie?!


I was surprised about the way it came up ...


for those who dont know what i'm talking about, two of the characters are arguing back and forth and calling eachother gay ... one guy says to the other "You know how i know you're gay?? Becaus I saw you make a spinach dip and put in a carved out bread loaf once" (something along those lines ...) the other guy responds by saying "oh yeah well you know how i know you're gay? because you listen to coldplay"

thought i'd share this with those of you who haven't seen it yet!

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you're gay if you listen to music that is about feelings but you're not lesbian if you listen to...let's say korn....


it's really sad to think that there are still people who think this way


anyway publicity to coldplay is always good to them!

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