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Coldplay's Martin in Sexsmith video


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Thursday, April 10, 2003


Lowdown: Exclusive Canadian music news

Coldplay's Martin in Sexsmith video

By KAREN BLISS -- For JAM! Music

Coldplay's Chris Martin will appear in the video for Ron Sexsmith's next single, "Gold In Them Hills," which will be serviced to video outlets in May. Martin sang on the track from Sexsmith's latest album, "Cobblestone Runway."


The Canadian singer-songwriter has been touring with the British band. Toronto director Stephen Scott filmed the video at shows in Salt Lake City and Phoenix.


"We do a lot of stuff together onstage," says Sexsmith of himself and Martin. "He comes out when I'm onstage and he sings it with me, but we did a lot of stuff during his soundcheck where we filmed it, lip synced, and we're not using any of it.


"(The film crew) managed to get Chris against the wall, singing it and they got me against the wall singing it, so in the video, we're not together at all. It's split screen, I guess."


Sexsmith will hook up with Coldplay again May 24 through June 13, this time with a full band. But first, he joins his former Interscope labelmates The Wallflowers for a two-week sojourn beginning April 14.


"They're still on Interscope," Sexsmith says of Jakob Dylan & co. "When I first made my first record, apparently they were really big fans of it. I remember I went to see them in New York one time and I didn't think they would have even heard of me, and I walked by the backstage and they all went, 'Hey Ron!'"


Sexsmith, who has put out several albums since and bounced from one record label to another (he is now with Linus/Warner in Canada) says, "Out of the blue, they called my agent and asked if I'd be into touring with them, so it will be nice to see them."


The prolific songwriter, whose fans include such artists as Alanis Morissette and Elton John, is normally ready to go into the studio at the drop of a hat, but not this time.


"I haven't been this confused about a record before," he says. "Usually, I have these songs and I pick a producer and I go do it, but I just don't know what I want to do.


"I've been talking with Martin Terefe, who did this album, about doing it; talking with Mitchell Froom (who produced his previous albums) about it as well. (Mitchell) thinks I should do an album that's completely myself, just me, guitar and maybe piano and couple of little things. He just did an album like that for Randy Newman that he said was really amazing.


"So I'm really kind of torn because I have songs that sound like hits to me, a lot of them do, but I've never had a hit. They would need full production, and there's a bunch of other ones that might be nice alone."


Link: http://www.canoe.ca/JamColumnBliss/...bliss2-can.html

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o wow. was just flipping through that channels, landed on much music, and guess what just happened to start. the new "gold on them hills" video. i loved the song already and the videos actually really good too. chris looks fantastic. he's got such great blue eyes and they really really stand out in this video. so yeah, keep your eyes open for the vid, cuz it's out now. glad i saw it :)

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