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Have u ever said 'i luv ya' n meant it??

staring elf

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i don`t like to say i luff you even if i mean it. i don`t think i`ve ever said that if i didn`t mean it. if i do i don`t say it either! i like to express love in a different kind of way like hugging that person or doing something nice to them. when it comes to gf/bf cases i wouldn`t like to be told i luff you more than once a month. instead i`d like to feel the luff!


poor simon! i`m with ya baby!

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i have said it lots of times. to my girlfriend and every now and then to my mom.


i hate it when my girlfriend tries to force me to say it just so she can hear it... grrrrr i can't possibly mean it when i'm being forced into it, you know what i mean?


sorry, rant over. :roll:


I know what you mean!!

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