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Ever feel like wanting to rip into someone here?


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Some people here just irk me the wrong way. Going around spewing their opinion and starting arguments that will never end. I'd love to be able to speak my mind without fearing the banishment and consequences and all that jazz.

Its getting really hard to bite my tongue here. People here are too extreme in their views. Stop arguing with the same people over and over.




Asshole, fucking egg fucker. Go fuck a monkey.




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ok why the fuck is it so wrong if someone has an opinion? i mean if they force it on you than u must hurt them unless its reilly and than u simply fuck them. but really. LAY THE FUCK OFF REILLY OR ILL ILL ILL THREATEN TO STOP DRINKING DIET COKE. .....yea

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Hahaha mander you looooooon :wacko: Gimme diet coke


this thread is making me nervous and I believe it was made for the sole purpose of ripping reilly' date=' which did deserve a thread, but still[/quote']


I'd make a thread ripping into you, but people's reaction would be "Who?"

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