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Ever feel like wanting to rip into someone here?


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Guest LiquidSky

I always say what I want to say.. although, sometimes it doesn't come out the way I am saying it 'cause people read it in another way.... :dozey:

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yah me self for posting below standard posts and threads :embarrased: :angry:


Its a disgrace to the whole Coldplay Fans United and community!!


I say FUCK to myself :angry:











the other voice in my head ......harsh very harsh :cry:

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Reilly pisses everyone off? Then It's not just me!

Not really, I adore the boy.


me too :blush: :kiss: :wink3:


I'm warning you! I'll blush!


Thanks Charzlsl :blush: Feeling is mutual ;) You too leggy, of course


Im full of love today, someone tie me down

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Some people here just irk me the wrong way. Going around spewing their opinion and starting arguments that will never end. I'd love to be able to speak my mind without fearing the banishment and consequences and all that jazz.

Its getting really hard to bite my tongue here. People here are too extreme in their views. Stop arguing with the same people over and over.




I hear you Kyle. Just say what you want. I doubt you'll be banned unless you threaten with violence. When I see blatant ignorance, I let it rip. Although when you are dealing with pure foolishness it does seem pointless to even bother.

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