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NHL Hockey is back


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Sooooo close... I'm extremely excited... Too bad I won't be able to watch any games... Maybe when I'm home at Christmas... Hopefully...


But... I figure since the Red Sox won the World Series last year, it's right on time for the Leafs to bust it out this year... So... You heard it here first. Come May/June, the Leafs will be cup champs once again :D


And egghead - I'd like to complete the phrase in your sig by saying "...for the travelling man" ;)

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pfft. and who will lead them to the cup? their geriatrics?


leafs are too old. everyone knows it.

But, but, but...


We've got Lindros and Allison this year!


Oh wait, they're gonna be watching from the press box more than the bench.


It'll be on Wellwood, Steen and Brad Leeb then.


Of course, if Kaberle keeps up his shooting at teammates string, the Marlies will be more common in Toronto this year...


I still say boo-urns to the Sens. ;)

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Why haven't I seen this thread before!! BOOOOOO SENS!! BOOOOOOO!!!!


October 5th, i'll be at a bar watching the game with my friends....but when we kick some ass, i'll be sure to celebrate hardcore with beer.


And if our asses get kicked, i will drown my sorrow in beer. Lots and lots of beer.

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and carrots!!


Oh you bet. Carrots carrots, everywhere!!




BOOOOO SENS! I've most recently made a new friend who I discovered is a die hard Sens fan. He is no longer my friend. :smug:


I'm going to a show that night!


Thomas, what show will you be seeing?

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