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Unrequited love sucks.


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You recognised my barrier to love

---------->I know there's nothing worse

Than unrequited love,(unrequited love) <--------

So I prayed to God that I could give the love you gave to me

But something's lying in my way, preventing it to be


From the Corrs, love to love you

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oh my i won't told my story again, i feel pathetic about it.. i had so many not requited loves in my life :bigcry: and i'm having a new one.. well it can change but if hadn't change in all this time i don't hope i will change one day, i assume that will be a new unrequited love to me. :/


i hope he'll be happier than me. :)

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I have never been in love' date=' is there something wrong with me?[/quote']

You're young. I hadn't in your age either.

you're only one year older, but no, there's nothing wrong with not loving someone at 16. Some people feel that love is some sort of obligated thing that they must feel towards one person in order to be happy. It isn't though. You should have love, but it doesn't have to be solely towards a girlfriend/boyfriend. Anyway I haven't loved anyone in that way in a long time and I miss it. :/

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