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The Bear During Talk


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the person in talk is confused and so is the bear - think y'all


that's it? but... that's really odd... I thought there was more to it than that...

I think there's more to it than that... and that's why most people don't get it.. cause we're trying to figure out more than just the shallow interpretation of what it could mean...

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Guest LiquidSky

yea...I was like "a bear?? what??" it made no sense...until after the concert...I barely remember talk..gah...I hope the video doesnt have a bear in it,lol


Aww why did I read this.. :disappointed:

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but what is this bear that you're talking about?


It seemed to me the bear (looked like a Turkish bear to me, could be wrong) was a perfect image of frustration. Like when you try to communicate and just can't break through. I found it moving.


Like a bear with a sore head! :idea2:

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