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Noni's Birthday


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Today is Noni's birthday.... :) :D :D :D


Even though my good friend does not come on here much these days...

The Diva needs her birthday thread...


Hope you have a good today dear. :) :kiss: :)


Have loads of Smirmoff and Sangria for me ! :)

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Heeeeeey, one month late!! I know I'm an horrible person, but I'm totally lost outside... But better late than never!


Biiiiiiig thaaaaaaaaaaaank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday!! Yeah, it was a good day!!


Hope everyone is well and having fun! Lots and lots of kisses to everyone!! :kiss: :kiss:

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At the cinema? Well, at least you can watch films for free, or not? One of my friends used to work in one and I was there every week, hehe!

Yeah, my job is fine, but also tired and with lots of responsability, but I can't complain... And yeaaaaah, you could move here and be my assistant! ;)


And what about love? How is your boy? Still with him? I hope...

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