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:stunned: :stunned: OH MY GOD - Chris -
"This album is the third of a trilogy....yeah we've finished a certain thing now"....."well i know whats gonna happen next' date=' but im not gonna say"[/quote'] :stunned: im worried!


EDIT-PS- :stunned: WOW that performance of 'A Message' was incredible, totally blew me away. Warning sign was amazing too. :)


i know!!!!! im extremely worried!!!! :bigcry::bigcry:



PS, a message was beautifully done!!!! :P

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No problem! :blush:


p.s. what program do you use to download?

You mean how to rip it from the site? I use a program called URLSnooper to find the hidden MMS link, and then I use another program called SDP that extracts the material from the hidden link! Does that make any sense? lol :lol:

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