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Chris on World Cafè


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Wait wait wait. So, you follow east coast time, right Mildred? (I'm seriously retarded when it comes to telling time zones :stunned: ) So, it'd be on at 10pm for me too?


:lol: Mommy never taught me to read da clockz. :freak: :roll:

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*Bows down to the right, bows donw to the left* :blush:


its no biggie! i actually went out with my mom, and got home about 11, i was so bummed because i thought i had missed it, so i went show hunting! and Bam!!! found it!!! :D

you are very welcome victaniac,

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:stunned: :stunned: OH MY GOD - Chris -

"This album is the third of a trilogy....yeah we've finished a certain thing now"....."well i know whats gonna happen next, but im not gonna say"
:stunned: im worried!


EDIT-PS- :stunned: WOW that performance of 'A Message' was incredible, totally blew me away. Warning sign was amazing too. :)

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Nettie has chris ever said what is written in your sig? cause if he has thats funny.


Not yet, but I'm hoping he will... :D :cool: :lol:


I sing it all the time... :sneaky:


p.s. Looking forward to the rip victaniac


They basically played a copy of the Japan session. It's not a new session because Chris sings 'Warning Sign' wrong. I remember because that's the bit where Will's eyes open wide and he darts a look over at Guy as if to say 'He's singing it wrong dude' and Guy just starts laughing.

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