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Post songs with numbers in their titles

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One Step Closer-U2

One I love-Coldplay

One-U2 (berrywoman already said that one, though)

Love Minus Zero/No Limit-Bob Dylan (and I don't even WANT to get into a discussion about whether 'zero' is a number like my math class did a week ago :huh: :rolleyes: )

One Tree Hill-U2

God Part II-U2

Two Hearts Beat As One-U2

11 O'Clock Tick Tock-U2

Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot of Sad-U2

6o Seconds In Kingdom Come-U2

4th of July-U2


Yes. I think that is absolutely every U2 song with a number in it. Don't even go there if I missed one. :lol:


Now I need to go get myself a life, thank you very much.

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Depeche Mode- Little 15

Depeche Mode- Route 66

Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #1

Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #2

Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #3

Incubus- 11am

Audioslave- #1 Zero

New Order- 1963-95

Jimmy Eat World- 23

Franz Ferdinand- 40'

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2000 Miles - Pretenders (& Coldplay)

40' - Franz Ferdinand

For No One - THe Beatles

One After 909 - The Beatles

One and One is Two - The Beatles

Two of Us - The Beatles

When I'm Sixty-Four - The Beatles

How I Made My Millions - Radiohead

Million Dollar Question - Radiohead

One Way Road - Oasis

One of My Turns - Pink Floyd

One Slip - Pink Floyd

Two Suns in the Sunset - Pink Floyd

Summer '68 - Pink Floyd

Free Four - Pink Floyd

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