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Post songs with numbers in their titles

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Alanis Morissette - 8 easy steps

The Thrills - One horse town

The Verve - One way to go

- 6 o'clock

The Stone Roses - One love

- Ten storey love song

Ian Brown - Longsight M13

- One way ticket to paradise

Ryan Adam - World War 24

- To be the one

- Shakedown on 9th street

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Six barrel shotgun

The Charlatans - One to another

- The only one I know

Embrace - 3 is a magic number

- One big family

The Music - One way in, no way out

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Hymn #1 *Eluvium

Area 41 *Eluvium




2-2 *Bryan Eno

1000 Words *Koda Kumi

1:1 *Ramirez

Wednesday Morning, 3 AM *Simon & Garfunkel

Many Lives -> 49 MP *Final Fantasy

See You When You're 40 *Dido


I got tired of it

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3 am- matchbox 20

one is the loneliest number- three dog night

Acoustic#3- goo goo dolls

april 29,1992- sublime

Five to one- the doors

she's only 18- red hot chili peppers

100 years- five for fighting

1921- the who

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