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Post songs with numbers in their titles


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The sister thread to "post songs with colors in their titles (game)" :P

Get posting!


Song 2 - Blur

19-2000 - Gorrilaz

14 Years - Guns 'N Roses

20 Years - Placebo

83 - John Mayer

3X5 - John Mayer

When I'm 64 - Beatles (say, how old is Macca again? :P)

1979 - Smashing Pumpkins

Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

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Interpol: Obstacle 1, Obstacle 2, song seven, 5

Muse: Uno

Placebo: 36 degrees

The Rogers Sisters: Zero point

Lali Puna: 50 faces of, 6-0-3

Norah Jones: One fight

QOTSA: no One knows ( ;) )

Smolik: 50 thousands 881

The Verve: One day

Lamb: One

R.E.M: star 69

The Police: Synchronisity I, Synchronisity II (:D)

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