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Did Ashlee Simpson rip off Coldplay?


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Okay guys...I know I'll get blasted for even listening to Ashlee Simpson...but here it goes.


I read a review on MSN.com about the new album and one of the things I found curious was that the reviewer indicated that one of the songs sounded like the beginning of Oasis "Wonderwall."


I had to check it out on my Rhapsody music service to see what this was all about ...and when I continued to listen to more of the album I noticed that another song "Eyes Wide Open" sounded strangely familiar. The background music was a complete lift of "Square One".


Am I crazy? Someone check it out...and give me your thoughts!! NUTS!!



gainesville, florida

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OMG! Yes, that's a COMPLETE rip off! Couldn't she have done it just a little more subtely?? I mean, the chorus AND the bit after the chorus is a bit too much. How unoriginal. At least when Coldplay "steal" bits of songs, they turn it into something a bit more original.

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The thing is, it's SO obvious! When Coldplay first said that they tried stealing the drums off of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill", I was like, "What???". It just didn't fit. THEN, I heard the song again and it was a bit more obvious. But with Ashlee, it doesn't take a genius to pick up on it. It's a first-time-listen thing. Bad Ashlee. Very bad!

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That is absolutely criminal!!! I'm surprised she didn't say "You're in control...is there anywhere you wanna go?" How blatent can you get!!! Why not go the whole hog and shout "JONNY BOY!" in the middle of it? So funny when you think about it though. I wonder if the guys know? :P

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Oh Steph we do love a rant but it is so blatent! Did she ever imagine we devoted Coldplayers would never notice! Oh no I can see it now...MTV in the near future:


And now the new single from Ashlee Simpson, "Square Eyes Open" and the video will be her walking through some street and then running to a gig where everyone sings along...sound familiar???


Silly little girl.

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Hahaha, did you see what Berrywoman was saying?

That was pissing me off.. like I would pose as Chris Martin and have conversations with myself :rolleyes:


But hes good.




This kid from school just confessed his love for me.

And I feel to mean turning him down, so I was like, maybe if I get to know you..




Im a heart breaker. ;)




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