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Did Ashlee Simpson rip off Coldplay?


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Ok, just downloaded the song, much to my chagrin...


Well. I'd love to laugh at it, because it's kind of funny in a pathetic sort of way. But really it just pisses me off.


I fucking hate her. Always have. And I hate her even more now.


Who the hell listens to her, anyways?


(Now watch this song go to number 1. Coldplay probably wont release this as a single now because then THEY'LL get accused of plagerizing. What. Themselves!?)


If shit could sing it'd sound like Ashlee Simpson.

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Coldplay would NOT lend their song to a pop princess.


I just heard it. I really didn't expect it to be THAT similar. Oh man. Even the part after it 'rocks out' and the drums break and all that -- daaaaang. This sucks. Someone I know (who hates Coldplay but loves Ashlee Simpson) would probably love this song and hate Square One.


THAT is what gets me.


(CP's "Talk" is a different story. They got permission, and I think it was a great song. This... is horrible.)

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Hahaha, did you see what Berrywoman was saying?

That was pissing me off.. like I would pose as Chris Martin and have conversations with myself :rolleyes:


But hes good.




This kid from school just confessed his love for me.

And I feel to mean turning him down, so I was like, maybe if I get to know you..




Im a heart breaker. ;)






can't you let sleeping dogs lie?? I dropped this case about 2 days ago and you insist.. I was going to pm you.. but since you like all the attention.. I'll address you here in front of all your peers....


if you claim it was your father.. FINE so be it.. how many more times do I have to say it. ALL I said was after the fact... anyone found/or caught impersonating band members will be dealt with... thats all. Now be a good little girl and quit draggin my name thru the mud... i don't appreciate it.. and in the future... if you have a problem with me.. take it to a pm or better yet.. go straight to my boss... see if that solves your knickers in a bunch.



good day.

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