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Did Ashlee Simpson rip off Coldplay?


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That kind of high-descending guitar part in the background where Chris sings, "It doesn't matter who you aaaa-aaaaa-aaaare, it doesn't matter who you are," is even copied. I mean jeez -- a background piece.


Do you think she or her band were embarrassed about this at all...?

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the beginning part of 'Square One' was a riff off 2001:Space Odyssey' date=' i believe.[/quote']

Yeah. After the first three notes, I always have to finish it off with a "Bam baaaaaaa! DUNdunDUNdunDUNdunDUNdun."

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:lol: I know! She's basically nicked the whole f*cking song!!!! Im so mad....i really hope this escalates further and she gets sued or something, because its not on, just blatently ripping off peoples songs like that when they have worked so hard on them. Im not sure what reaction the guys would give to something like this but i really hope they sure her!!! :angry:

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