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The users on here are the best!


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I have noticed that most of the people on here are freindly, curtious and respectful rather than the coldplay.com forums where they are all knobs and tarts! a bit like where i live!


You lot are the best!


I couldn't agree more. Nice one sparky! :cool: :blush: :kiss:

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sparky17 --> You're welcome here!!!


Yes, I've noticed also like the others members said that here is a place where people is more friendly :smug:


We could make a big Coldplay family, so come on, let the family grows!!!! :blush:

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Thanks everybody! :)

Im addicted to the coldplay.com boards but i will try and become a regular member of here soon!

there are no rankings on the coldplay.com boards or bling. i asked for it but no, i didnt get it!

People on the coldplay.com board are dickheads! they argue with u all the time! theres a person called phamtom of the opera that has made over 15 000 posts! and thinks he can just piss every1 off.

Expect to see me more regulary! bye!

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: hahaha thats funny! i never noticed you were 108 mandy!!! :lol:



why do I have the impression that mandy used to have 17 years old until last week?well, actually, I don't know if you are 17 because the first time that I saw you here you were 15... :lol: :P

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