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The users on here are the best!


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This is the best msgboard I've ever been to... Everyone's so nice. Loads of sharing & helping people out, people know one another and make others feel welcome... And the discussions - lovely stuff without too much name-calling where people justify their views with liberal sprinkles of irony to boot. And oh, once in awhile, people like Albie to spice things up when we're all too :snore:



:lol: :lol: :lol:



Actually, I think we're rather like the band :D

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Yea people here are very friendly and welcoming! im still very new but i already feel at home! I do think this truly represents coldplay fans very well! i do go on the other forum, the coldplay.com one, and its alright but there are always oasis spammers. There are some nice people there too thought, they are not all bad!

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