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*THE ANTI* "I support Crystal (to date Gail) Thread

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well crystal and I aren't getting married anymore so I'm free



:stunned: :stunned: :stunned:

I understand that a human could be upset ...but a FRIENDship is a friendship from the get go. And so..... we don't get married...big deal. My problem with you now is that you are getting to be a not so nice Eric I am sure many people here have come to know and (for me personally) admire. You have...had such fine qualities in you and I hope, for the sake of the other party, no one dates you until they read this thread and take note of this new-found unworthy qualities. I am being serious and I am rarely that way but, man Eric, you are like way down






















































*Here* in my personality check of you right now. :confused:

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