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*THE ANTI* "I support Crystal (to date Gail) Thread

Best u Can

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no sabía eso...


está bastante bien tu español..


me gusta mexico.. la gente mexicana es bastante amable..:O



I'll traslate just in case..





I didn't know that


your spanish is really good..


I like Mexico.. the mexican people are really nice...

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A number of things are happening here and its kind of hard to keep track of whos being a dickhead and who's not.


Number one, if this thread was made as a joke, then its very funny. I laughed when I saw the "Im a sore loser. Whos with me?"


But then I saw a few comments like this and wondered if it was a joke:


did you see that she won, and they told me it's because Crystal put in more effort...

I was pretty sure I put in the most effort, but that effort had nothing to do with it...


Ahhh c'mon you pussy, it was just a joke. Grow some balls please.


Crystal, Im fairly sure he was joking and not intentionally being mean. But only fairly sure. He did afterall just say this:


when did I ever say anything about friendship?


I mean, once again, just stupid.


Eric you seem like a cool guy and all but your not. Gail may have taken this a little too seriously but thats no reason to be a prick about it.

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^^^I know...but i do think the anti-crystal dating gail thing was just not a nice thing for me to see in this thread. I did not say anything mean to you during the whole competition. No, eric, you are not a dickhead or puss...whatever names Reilly the meany :angry: called you...you're just a bit on the rude side. That's just MY opinion...which i am entitled to divulge. IT WAS JUST A GAME!. But eric did upset me some you guys...saying i was fake and sucked up. but i didnt...Like i said before a competition is a competition and threres no reason to be sore about it. and yes, eric- i hope we're still cool :)

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