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Now, why are we sitting in front of the computer...


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awwww Maria :sad:


we have to help you get out more :)


im here because it's snoozles time and i always have a quick check to see that everyone are smiley happy people before i hit the sack ;) :)


lol. *hugs* I may be allowed out soon. Suurprise surprise i've been ill again. well blow me down that shocked you didnt it! :P

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lol everytime i talk to you you've done something. you are a bad one :D


lol, ginger you cant be talking about me? *obviously shocked* :P



i wonder

who can i be talking about?

maria, no, she is the sweetest thing on this earth ;)

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when we could be out in the sunny, shiny, happy, spring, fresh and might i add; healthy world?!






cuz i have no life :cry:


ohh! poor amanda... but you're not alone, i don't have one as well, that's why i keep annoying ppl by asking stupid questions... :sad: :D ;)

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I hope you feel better also...I get sick a lot too, so I feel ya. I get migranes often, and I throw up a lot (I know thats gross). I don't know what the problem is. I have medicine for the migranes, but my stomach just doesn't work too well. :( I'm sure you all have lives...when your here, it doesn't mean you don't have a life, I kinda use it to escape from stuff, and distract me from working...

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