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Now, why are we sitting in front of the computer...


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because the sun is bad!



because i dont want to. :D


healthy world? i'd say it's healthier in here. much more safer too. wouldnt want me going out into busy intersections now would you because that's all around me.

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some of us are stuck in work.


exactly!! and it may be sunny out but it's still a bit chilly here. But the sun is nice. going to go outside for a minute or 2 just to see some daylight!!!

now i want to hear that song. It was really good live with the lights and the screens!!!! I so love them!!!! ;)

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Yea...I am at work where I have internet access and time, so why not? When I can get out in the sun and all, I'm there. I understand how some of you think its "safer in here" and all, but you can hide forever you know? And there are some really good things out there...few good people, your lucky if you do.

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