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Mi querida :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


I´m so glad you are so super fine and why? I KNOW IT!!! I KNOW IT!!!! :P Let me guess......It´s gonna happen something sooo special to you on SUNDAY.... :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: Am I right???

Oh, if I have to choose, I prefer Piccolina. But you can call me as you wish, because you´re mi querida :D

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ohhhh, you're also mi querida, Piccolina!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: I thought you prefered that people call you Piccolina and that's why I called you like this!!! hahaha, I was right!! :)


yaaaaaayyy, you're absolutely right, it's something sooo special for me and you remember this!!!! :blush: :blush:

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^Well, Julia, to tell the truth I wanted to spend this evening with a friend of mine watching dvds and unfortunately I´m here at home... But I met some nice people here, so it´s very fine to be here... You know, I have to see the positive side of this situation :D

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How could I forget it??? NO WAY Iris, no way!!!! :)

And I´m so happy for you... :kiss: :kiss:

I imagine you can´t think about about anything else :D

That´s just too cool :cool: :cool: :cool: And you deserve it :kiss:

What about your day, everything ok?

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Bye Julia!!! :kiss: :kiss: Have a warm night!!! :)


wowww... :blush: Thank you, Piccolina, you're so pleasant with me!!! :kiss: :kiss: You also deserve the best, I hope you'll have the chance of see them in life, it would be a golden opportunity for you!!!! :kiss:


Well, this morning I was studying (as always) and this afternoon I've gone to the classes but only for 3 hours.. I was talking with some friends about the gig... (she gave me some advices) and then here at the coldplaying!!! :)


What will you do this weekend, Piccolina???

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Oh, mi querida, you are a VERY pleasant person too!!! :kiss: :kiss:


There is one thing I wanted to ask you, this sentence in your signature "It doesn't matter who you are, because you're my golden opportunity" - where does it come from??? :rolleyes:


My weekend? What is it? I don´t know that word... hahaha, only joking... :lol: :lol: But now I won´t have a nice weekend because I have to study again... :( I´m studying for that big exam I told you about... It´s pretty difficult and very important and so I have to be prepared as good as possible... You know that, don´t you?


What is a "gig"? Sorry, I don´t know that :embarrased:

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ohhhhhhhh, I just saw it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you sooooooooooo much sweet Piccolina!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: sweet Iris, you're soooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! :nice: :heart: :nice: :heart:

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Don't you like this sentence, mi querida??? To tell the truth I made it with two songs of Coldplay... a bit of Moses + a bit of Square One!!! hahahaha :lol:


of course I know that... the exams of the faculty are really hard!!! Poor Piccolina, I'll pray for you!!!! :kiss: :kiss: You'll pass this test, I'm sure!!! Moreover, when you do it, you'll have a lot of time for you... won't you??? :) so you'll make up your time!!! :)


Gig means performance, concert.. :)



sweeeeeeet Líviaaaaaaa!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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