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Come speak to me...


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Hello everybody!! :waves hello:


I thought this would be a nice name for a thread... What do you think?

Please feel free to talk to me (about anything) if you feel like it :)


btw "Come speak to me" is a wonderful song by Elisa (she´s Italian), I highly reccomend it!!!! And the Italian version "Luce (tramonti a Nord est)" is even better!!!! Check it out! :D :D

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well... for any special reason to tell the truth!!! :) This afternoon I had fun on the expoquimia and I feel good with my friends and we've done a lot of jokes and we were laughing all the time... :) It was really pleasant!!!


Tell me your day!!!

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I´m back :)


Well, my wednesday was all right, nothing special at all... I´m glad you had great time with your friends :D


Iris, Spain played football (soccer) against Slovakia as I told you yesterday.

Do you remember? And the game finished 1:1 :o I thought we (the Slovak team) would loose... This result is not that bad, but it doesn´t matter, because when they were playing in Spain, the Spanish team (they are very strong) won 5:1...

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HAHAHA, Iris!!!! :laugh1:

I have an idea, but you have to tell me whether you like it, ok?

We were talking about my country and so I have an idea... I´ll find some photos and post them here so that you can see where I live and what Bratislava looks like... What do you say, Iris? Tell me!!!



glad to hear that, rick! ;)

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