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Don't you like this sentence, mi querida???


No Iris, I like it a lot!!!!!! :) :) Really :D

I was just thinking about it´s origin... I was singing all the songs but did not find any verse like that... And now you tell me it´s made of 2 songs... :idea2:

Oh, it´s definitely great!!!!! :cool: :cool:


Thanks for teaching me a new word :D

So what kind of advice did you get? Have you ever been to that a big "gig" :D


Sally, I´m fine too, thanks :)

In which part of Switzerland do you live? The French one?


Lívia, you are welcome :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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sweeeeeeeet Lívia!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: I'm so glad to see you soo happy!!!! :kiss: :kiss:


Piccolina --> hahaha... sometimes I've some weird ideas!!! :lol: Don't mention it, Piccolina, here everybody learns one from each other!!! :)

I've never been in a big gig like this, (and you???) so the friends wich I was talking before gave me some advices... for example, what hour I should be there if I want to be at the first rows and what things I should wear there...


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Very important advices ;) So if I ever go to see them, you´ll have to tell me what to do :D


I have been to many concerts, but never to a really big one. Those big one I have been to were held in front of an audience of about 4000 people... I love concerts :heart: It´s so great!!! But hey, you´ll see COLDPLAY!!!!!!!!!! That will be the BEST!!!! :cool:


Mi querida, I have to go now...

If I shouldn´t talk to you until Sunday (who knows), I wish you a wonderful Sunday night, an amazing concert ;) ;) ;)

Enjoy and let me know all the details :D

I´ll be waiting for it :wink3:


Buenas noches Iris,

muchos besitos para ti :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


Buenas noches Lívia,

besitos para ti tambien :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


Talk to you soon guapíssimas!!!!!! ;)

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queridaaaaaaa!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


Ok, I'll tell you everything and I'll give you some advices!!! :smug: woww... it will be the best... :blush: :blush: *sighs*


Thank you for wishing me a great Sunday I wish you good luck for your exam!!!! :D


Good night, have sweet dreams and I hope to talk to you soon, querida Piccolina!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


biiiiiiiiig kisses and biiiiiiiiig hugs for you, sweet Lívia!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


I send all my love for us :heart:

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mi queridaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


wowwww... yesterday was a really different day from the others but I finished it really exhausted!!! If you want I'm gonna to tell you something but I would like to write a great report telling you everything and all the details of the gig!!! :lol: :lol:

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Of course it was in a positive sense!!! :lol: :lol: Well, I was at the place where they played the concert at 12:30am and the gig began at 9:30pm, so I was waiting for it sooo hours... to tell the truth I don't get used to be waiting so long but after all, I achieved my purpose and I was at the second row!!!! :smug: ohhh, the gig was amazing, you know, when I saw Chris I began to scream like a crazy girl!!!! hahaha, it was really hillarious to see me in that mood!!!! ohh, and the concert was soo short :cry: It lasted only 1h45 more or less...


thank you for thinking in me yesterday, mi querida :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: and I've read your pm, so nice! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


They played:


Square One



Speed Of Sound

God Put A Smile Upon your face


How You See The World

White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdom Come

Don't Panic [yeah!! thanks! ]




Swallowed In The Sea

In My Place

Fix You


ps - Have you already seen the picture that I've posted in my thread??? :)

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I saw your picture right now (as you told me about it...)...

sooooooo nice, wooooooooow!!!!!!!! :wink3:


omg, so you had to wait there for so many hours!!!!! :o

but at least you have had the opportunity to be sooooooo close to them!!!! that´s really amazing, mi querida!!!! :)


oh, don´t worry, I´m sure I would scream just as you did. :D

but it doesn´t matter, because they (he) is your golden opportunity :)

and every real fan can understand it!!!!


do you remember all the songs they played? that´s great! so I´m waiting for your report ;)


and how do you feel today? are you still in that great mood???

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hahahaha...... yayyyyyy!!!!! As you said they or he is/are my golden opportunity (like I said in my sig)!!! :D :D :D


ohh, mi querida, today I'm not so happy than yesterday, this morning I felt really tired and kinda sad... I guess this is the post - concert depression :cry: but anyways I've seen a live gig of them, and this is what really matters for me!!! :)

How are you, mi querida???? :kiss: :kiss:

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Oh, I don´t like it to hear that you were sad :(

But maybe you were sad, only because you have been waiting for them to come for so many months and then, when it happened and you saw them, you were just sad, because it was already over.... :cry:


Yes, I love that line in your sig :kiss: :kiss:


I´m fine thanks for asking :) ...always studying... But if everything goes well this time, this could be my last uni exam... (I already failed that exam once... :embarrased: )


Did you go to the cinema on Saturday as you always do? What film did you see?

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well, I expect to be sad after the concert... Precisely, what you said is that happened to me!!! :embarrased:


wowww, mi querida!!!! :kiss: :kiss: This is great to hear, you'll finish your course soon!!! It's normal to fail some exam, we aren't smart aleck... and moreover you failed it once... so surely the next time you'll have more luck!!! :kiss:


Yes, you're right, I went to the cinema as always!! :) This time I've seen the "In her shoes" movie and it was ok... well, the typical comedy but it liked me!!! :)

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Glad to hear that you liked the film :) I don´t know it...


Muchas gracias for your support (for my exam) :kiss:

You´re soooo nice!!!! :kiss: :kiss:


I see, that you´ve changed your avatar...

How sweeeeeeet they are!!!! :kiss: :blush: :kiss:


Oh, I wanted to ask you - did you go to the gig with some friends (just as crazy about Coldplay as you) or maybe alone???

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Don't mention it, Piccolina!!! :kiss: :kiss: Here we are for give support one to each other!!! :)


oooohhh, yes, I've changed cause I had the same avatar since I registered here and this picture seems to me sooo cute!!!


I went to the concert with two friends: a girl that really love them and a boy that liked them... but I was the real fanatic!!! :lol: :lol: Well, if I hadn't found nobody for accompany me I would have gone too!!!! :)

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I would would go to see them on my own too, if it would be necessary :D


Mi querida, I´m going to bed now... :sleep:


I´m happy we talked a bit today

and I´m looking forward to talking to you soon :) :) :)


Sweet dreams (how do you say this in Spanish or Catalan?)

y besitos para ti :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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mi querida Piccolina!!! :kiss:

Although yesterday I was at the gig I missed you... but I'm happy cause today we were able to talk a bit!!! :kiss: :kiss:


Dulces sueños mi querida!!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

and in Catalan you will say: Dolços somnis, estimada!!! :kiss: :kiss:


Talk to you soon!!!! Muchos besitosss!!!! :kiss: :kiss:

:kiss: :daisy:

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omg, what you said is soooo nice!!!! thanks a lot for it!!!! it means very much to me!!!! :kiss: :kiss:


but you know, that i missed you too mi querida :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


dulces sueňos Iris (i don´t have your real ň here so i use this one...)

hablamos pronto :kiss: :kiss:

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mi querida, you also mean a lot for me!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: When I saw your IM I was really happy!!!! :)


Have a warm night and talk to you soon!!!


big kisses and big hugs for you, querida Piccolina!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


ps - and don't worry about your ñ! :lol:

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