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My sister meeting Coldplay experience...


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My oldest sister saw them in concert in Vancouver during their AROBTTH tour, and after the concert, her and her friend drove around to different hotels in Vancouver, trying to find Coldplay. After visiting several hotels, they tried one more hotel, and low and behold, as they were walking towards the exit of the hotel, who should walk towards them but all 4 of the guys!! Kathy (my sister) was in complete shock, and basically said to them that she was at the concert and thought they were amazing and such. AND THEN, this part makes me LAUGH cause my sister is such a GEEK, she honestly says to them "So do you guys want to go out for a drink?" and of course Chris says "thanks, but we've got another show tomorrow night, so we've gotta go up to our rooms." So instead she got them to sign her ticket stub, and said goodnight!! I can actually say that my sister was rejected by Coldplay :P


When she told me this story, I couldn't believe my ears, but it wasn't such a huge deal to me because I wasn't as into Coldplay then as I am now... but remembering her telling me this is something worth sharing!

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