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I dont miss the times when


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lol. aww it's a good thread!


i don't know if i would say i don't miss those times...it use to be so simple. but as soon as i started to get a desire to be with a boy rather kick em' in the leg things became a little more complicated. still fun! but complicated...

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you were really big???? Amanda, how old are you? 13 or 14?? you still have to grow, so....l dont think you could have been ''big'' so far, l mean, you loook pretty thin, and you EVEn said it, that youre really conscious of what you eat right? :roll: so what do you mean by being 'really big?'

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Being of super alien intelligence Im assuming she possibly meant when she grew while being like 10 or 11 to nearly being the height she is now, but all of her friends were still of "Normal" 10 year old size.



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yea....i was 5'4'' in 4th grade.......everyone thought i was fat cuz of my hight.....and i have an hourglass figure so.....anyyws.....i just matured earlier....but they are catching up with me now ;)

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