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How much coldplay mersandise do you own?


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only most cds (have to get some singles to complete..)

well and i should buy parachutes somewhen, i only have a copy :oops: but no money... and the ticket of the gig (reminds me of :roll: )

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i bought brothers and sisters on saturday- its amazing

yeah it's great, he? i immediately loved it ... first-best! nah they're all great every single song but b&s has sth special... :D

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i've got the 2 albums' date=' all the singles from the last one, even got 3 versions of clocks lol, don't panic single and 4 bootlegs, music books , a shirt and a few posters[/quote']



GOOD GOD Teresa!!! :o


who is that SEXY person in your avatar?????

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I've got the 2 albums and a poster only.......how pitiful i am :cry:
i've got that + 2 *whispers* burned cds and a t-shirt... so i dont got lots either :cry: but as said before; coldplay is in the heart! ;)
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I've got this gray zip up fleece I bought off ebay. And it says Coldplay on the zipper, and "A rush of blood to the head" down the arm, along with the statue guy on the cover inside on the tag. It's pretty sweet!! Along with their 2 albums, and a bunch of liv ones I bought. The I burnt the rest of the internet ;)

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