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:o did anyone see much on demand on muchmusic sometime today?! they were giving out coldplay tickets and a prizepack to someone who answered a correct question! i didn't watch the whole thing...only a little... i saw at the end though...

Question: who is Chris Martin engaged to?(not the exact words but... the answer would still be the same...)

Answer: one guess, cindy crawford?, another guess, another guess, Gwenyth paltrow! Finally i thought! there are people willin to pay so much for the Toronto tickets and these people are just blowing it...you can check tomorrow at 5 (i think) it is on and see if anythin is still oing on with it...not sure if they will say anything about it...I unfortunalty was watching a REPEAT of the show...i have my tickets but they honeslty could be better(lawn) then i would sell my other ticktes...does anyone have info on this?

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i SAW IT!! YAH!! AND the question, about how you can win tickets???? andthe band was that one 'live on release' IM SO DUMB lol...l didn't figure it out till now!! bahhh,...l didn't see the first part about dating people though! :o



l already have tickets...but l wanted better ones!! :o

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