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Best non-Coldplay song today

yellowy eyes

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I really hate threads like this. Guys. Stop being so presumbtious.


Considering the last album was a flop imo and that they lost their magic after Parachutes as far as i am concerned there is about a million songs in the world better then the currunt crop of songs.


So best "Non coldplay" song hmmm



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^ dont be stupid, what did u expect? its a coldplay fansite.


and though the album was (arguably) not as good as AROBTTH and Parachutes, it doesnt mean it is a flop. do you call an album that sells over 6 millions copies a flop?



for me atm, Killer in Me by Smashing Pumpkins.


hey guys, why dont you upload versions of ur favourite songs as well here so other ppl can hear them too? i might when i figure out how to do it :D

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