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Coldplace - Tribute to CP

Guest LiquidSky

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Guest LiquidSky

This has probably been posted before in the last few years..but I didn't really realize that these guy were serious. In fact I thought it was just like a hobby but then I saw this picture




which to be honest, it kinda made me laugh... but then I saw that it said "Gigs" at the top of the page and at first I thought it was the Coldplay tour dates.. but no.. These guys actually get booked!:shocked2: Just take a look at the list:stunned:

  • 2006
  • APRIL 28th, Friday - The Bull's Head, Great Sutton, Cheshire
  • MAY 5th, Friday - The Brook, Southampton
    We're well pleased to have this gig booked. We've been wanting to play at The Brook for a while. It is a 600 capacity live music venue and because of the calibre of bands that they have, people travel from all over Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex and the Isle of Wight.
  • MAY 6th, Saturday - The Hotel California, Tranmere
    Welcome to the hotel california... such a lovely place... we're living it up at the hotel california... what a nice surprise... bring your alibis..
  • MAY 10th, Wednesday - Shout!, Taunton, Somerset
  • MAY 11th, Thursday - The Horn, St Albans
    The Horn is Hertfordshires' premier live music venue.
  • MAY 13th, Saturday - unavailable
  • JUNE 1st, Thursday - Private Function - acoustic set
  • JUNE 2nd, Friday - The Beachcomber, Cleethorpes
    Gigging back home again! Tickets are available from the band and from Solid Entertainments. Support will be provided by the excellent local band The Bright Lights
  • JUNE 3rd - 16th - unavailable
  • JUNE 17th, Saturday - Newark Kit Car Festival, Newark & Notts Showground
    This year is the 24th show and is held on both the 17th and 18th of June. It looks like quite a large show and everything from major kit car manufacturers' cars to three-wheeled cars, utility vehicles to two or four seater sports cars and super cars will be on show. There are camping facilities and we're there to provide entertainment in the evening. I think we might go down early in the day and have a good look around (i.e. see if we can get some free rides in Ferraris wink.gif)
  • JUNE 28th, Wednesday - Gianpula Fields, Rabat, Malta maltaflag.gif
    Back in Malta! We're delighted to be invited back, delighted to be helping out the YMCA again and delighted to be playing on the same bill as Sir Bob Geldof! The gig is part of a big festival that the YMCA are putting on and there will be numerous tribute bands playing. When we get more details we'll put them up on the site so keep your eyes peeled.
  • JULY 1st, Saturday - Riverside Festival, Stamford Meadows
    The Stamford Riverside Festival is the biggest free music and arts event in the area. Hosting over 40 musical acts over five stages, the event attracts thousands of people. We're very pleased to be booked to play this festival.
  • JULY 15th, Saturday - Party in the Park, Melksham
    Melksham is a picturesque village in Wiltshire, a few miles away from Bath. At last year's installment of their annual festival, a U2 tribute band played to approx. 5,000 people. This year it's our turn. We have no idea what to expect for this gig, except, hopefully, a lot of people, loads of sun and a good time.
  • JULY 28th, Friday - Vivaz, Scarborough
  • AUGUST 3rd, Friday - The Black Isle Show, Scotland
    The Black Isle Show is Scotland's second largest agricultural show and has been running since 1836. After the show they have a marquee 'dance' which normally has approxiamately 1,000 people and it is in this marquee that we will be playing. It should be a great night and we're well looking forward to it!
  • AUGUST 4th - 6th - unavailable
  • AUGUST 28th, Monday - Mathew Street Festival, Liverpool
    Back at Mathew Street Festival! Nice one. We had an amazing time last time and so were delighted to be invited back again and are really looked forward to it.
  • SEPTEMBER 8th, Friday - Jez's Wedding Party, Epworth
    This is a private function for Jez of Fake Bands' wedding bash.
  • OCTOBER 1st, Sunday - The New Roscoe, Leeds
  • OCTOBER 6th, Friday - Vivaz, Scarborough
  • DECEMBER 29th, Friday - The Robin 2, Wolverhampton
    The Robin 2 is the Midlands best music venue. They have some of the country's top tribute acts, original music, drum clinics etc. The gig will be a double header along with top R.E.M. tribute band Stipe.

That's a long list:stunned: Anyway, I downloaded the video they have there and for a moment I did thought Coldplay was playing. They do sound a lot like Coldplay.


I still find this a bit crazy but I guess it's all acceptable in the Coldplay Fan world. Here's the link



It's kinda nice though because whenever Coldplay finally takes a break we'll still have these guys to look back and to remember memories :nice:

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Wow, they look and sound like Coldplay themselves!

I thought they did Trouble really well, it was only the guy that's impersonating Chris that actually looked liked Chris - the rest didn't. But the movements of Chris and performance style was pretty well done! Except only Chris can really work an all black outfit :laugh4: :P

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well evidently' date=' they are not that big coldplay fans....they mispelled jonnys name.[/quote']


Well, that can happen from time to time.. Sometimes it even happens to me when I quickly name a pic or anything, that doesn't make them less Coldplay fans!

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